Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Please forgive us with the last posting, since somehow the blogging website didn't do two things.  The first, they omitted the links we had inserted and second, they didn't include spacing or paragraphing as we had written the piece.  Ah, the trials of technology.

Hopefully, you got the URL's and can easily check out the video and our FB.  Below we are trying again.Here is the Youtube video.

Times Square Flash Mob Wedding

Thanks for understanding.

BELENKY'S Flash Mob Video

By now many of you have heard about Lucette's officiating a wedding in Times Square. Now the video is available. It's great fun! Here is the link: Or just go to Youtube.com, punch into the search bar: Flash Mob For Toby, and you'll have a few minutes of unadulterated joy. It can be viewed on computers, but not yet on mobile devices. Please feel free to comment on it at our Facebook page which is at this link, We love hearing from you. By the way, when you become a friend of Belenky's on FB, you receive unpublished specials to which only our FB friends are privvy. One of our clients recently found the diamond of his choice for an engagement ring. He was beyond thrilled, since he had been looking for a long time and this was exactly what he wanted and at the right price. So, be sure to become a BELENKY FRIEND.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We are having the best time creating fabulous unique designs for our clients with our new state of the art virtual program. It's almost like having your own personal genie.

You tell us what you want, in what price range, colors, gemstones, size, etc and poof, we create exactly what you want. We can even twist it, turn it around, upside down, and place it on your virtual hand. It's amazing!

Come in and let us show off. It's just such fun!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Most of our clients love the idea of having a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. That makes us all feel special. What we have also learned is that many are thrilled with the idea that they are actually collaborating in the creation of their unique ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings etc.

BELENKY BROTHERS is also constantly designing new creations for our inventory. Above is a pair of exquisite sapphire and diamond earrings. The beauty of this design is that depending on the size of the gemstones, the earrings can be worn every day or to that special black tie gala.

When you work with a talented and competent designer, the combination of your desires and ideas, with their experience is bound to have an extraordinary outcome.

Here at BELENKY BROTHERS GALLERY, we take enormous pride in our workmanship, quality of gemstones, and creativity. You can take advantage of that.

Call to make an appointment-212-674-4242. Or feel free to stop by at your convenience

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Some guys know how to make a woman fall in love again and again. Just got a call from a client who wants to buy a 'Just Because' gift for his long time wife. "A what?" We asked. "Yup, I want to buy a diamond pendant as a 'Just Because' gift. Every once in a while I give her something special 'just because' it's Saturday, or 'just because' I love you, or most of all...'just because you're you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gotta Love That Great Wine!

Pouring the wine was only the beginning. The guests loved the variety of fine wines presented by The Napa Valley Vintners. The accompanying delicacies were yummy, and the people were just great! Every moment was filled with stimulating conversation and extraordinary wines. People just didn't want to leave. Belenky finally had to resort to the old hint of blinking the lights. But alas that didn't even help

Love it when everyone is soooo happy.

By the way, we at Belenky Brothers wish you all a very wonderful 2011!

Friday, January 07, 2011


The event of the season is almost here. If you choose to join us you MUST RSVP no later than Tuesday, January 11th. The caterers need an absolutely accurate head count and are insisting in enough lead time.

This is a first for BELENKY BROTHERS, hosting an elaborate WINE TASTING evening in collaboration with the renowned Napa Valley Vintners, and then being coupled with catered gourmet delicacies...DON'T MISS IT!

Friday, December 31, 2010

BELENKY BROTHERS wishes you all a very joyous, healthy, and prosperous 2011